In Spain there are several lists of defaulters, which have repercussions on the granting of a loan

Behind the ASNEF acronym there is the National Association of Financial Establishments of Credit. In other words, it is one of the most important debt registers in Spain . Therefore, appearing in this file will make it hard for us to get a bank trust in us to grant us a loan, credit, mortgage … in reality, it will virtually impossible for us to access financing. Let’s review now how this file works and what alternatives there are to get it out.

ASNEF is a database that banks regularly consult , as part of the client profile study when it comes to lending money or offering the hiring of, for example, credit cards. Although it is not the only file of these characteristics (RAI or Record of Unpaid Acceptions is another), it is one of the most relevant and serves as a tool to make decisions for most banks of the country

An unpaid invoice, such as the telephone line or the gas bill, is sufficient because the company that provides the service decides to be included in this file. However, the consumer must be notified , no later than 30 days after being included in the list.