5 summer grooming tips for men


A man’s skin and hair needs are unique in the summer. Once you take the time to improve your men’s grooming routine, you’ll feel fresh and clean all season long. These tips can help you feel more comfortable, while moisturizing your skin. You’ll also find better ways to keep your facial hair under control, even if you like having a beard or mustache.

1. Visit the Barber

When summer starts, it’s a good idea to go to the barber for a cleaning. You don’t have to cut your long hair or change your signature style, but you’ll look cooler in your men’s pocket t-shirts and polo shirts when you decide to get a cut. Crew-neck cuts and deep fades are light enough for summer. Textured crops and low fade hairstyles are two other great choices as they are quite easy to maintain.

If you have any questions about which summer style suits your face shape, don’t hesitate to talk to your hairstylist. Change your look and simplify your grooming routine by modifying facial hair. Of course, it is not necessary to get rid of the beard because your hair blocks some of the sun’s rays from reaching your skin.

However, you’ll keep your skin clearer and your face looking fresher if you choose a style that doesn’t make you sweat. A faded beard or a goatee are two alternatives to the natural look that you might like for fall or winter. A short beard or buff can give you a rugged appearance while allowing you to feel more comfortable in the summer heat.

2. Create a summer skincare routine

A summer skincare routine for men usually includes a face wash and moisturizer. If you prefer, you can add serums and toners. Proper diet wards off oil and acne. It also reduces the number of blackheads while preventing premature signs of aging.

If you’re looking for a cleanser you can use every day, choose a soothing formula with natural extracts to calm the skin. Some cleansers even out skin tone or remove excess oil from your face, while others focus on deep cleansing and hydration. If you use a cream cleanser in the winter, try switching to a light gel or foaming cleanser in the summer.

For those who don’t like feeling weighed down by the heat, find a lighter face moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and supple. Exfoliating toners help stave off acne when you start to sweat while purifying toners remove residue from a long day outdoors. Watery gels and fast-absorbing face balms are often more pleasant than dense creams or lotions.

Serums with vitamin C and clean caffeine make the eye area more energized, especially in the morning. If you want to fight environmental toxins, try antioxidant serums. For much-needed hydration, hyaluronic acid serums provide relief from the summer heat.

One of the most essential parts of a man’s summer skincare routine is consistency. Washing and moisturizing daily will help you avoid signs of aging and blemishes. Consider a facial if you think you need a summer skin health boost. Appointments are short and your face will instantly look healthier and brighter.

3. Add FPS

5 summer grooming tips for men

If you use a daily facial moisturizer, you protect your skin from the first signs of aging. You will also prevent the skin from drying out during the day. It’s always recommended to use an SPF when you go out, but it’s absolutely vital in the summer.

There are many men’s moisturizers on the market, including protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Apply it to every inch of your face, including your temples and forehead. Lightweight formulas won’t clog your pores and help protect your skin.

Now that your facial skin is covered, get a body moisturizer with an SPF that meets your needs. If you’re at work or running errands, a lightweight lotion with a lower SPF may suffice. On the other hand, going boating or going to the beach requires a thicker formula with more UV protection. Adding a few varied products to your arsenal can help you stay prepared, whether you’re taking a walk or going on vacation.

There are many sunscreen products for men, but some men are unaware that many summer lip balms include sunscreen. Replace your usual stick with a stick with SPF. It will protect your lips from sun damage if you spend more than a few moments outside. While preventing burns on and around your lips, you’ll also keep them soft and hydrated.

4. Swap your perfume

With summer coming, the best perfumes for men will have you feeling fresher than ever. If you choose the right scent, you’ll also feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical destination. Opt for a cologne that works with your elevated body temperature and matches the scents of the season. It should also be as light as it smells good.

Citrus and bergamot are among the best scent combinations for summer. You can also look for clary sage or vetiver. Grassy tones and hints of mint are sure to refresh any style. Ginger and lemon smell great in the cologne, while oakmoss and cilantro present earthy and spicy aromas.

5 summer grooming tips for men

Other perfect notes for summer include tonka bean and lavender. Light notes of geranium and rose add depth and sophistication to a masculine scent. Rosemary and cypress are also great seasonal scents. It can’t hurt to check out the cologne with patchouli and musk, which add warmth to date night.

Keep things light with a few sprays of your favorite perfume. If you add it to your neck or wrists, you might be overdoing it given the summer heat. Instead, focus on your spray that completes your look. Pair your favorite cologne with a classic navy crew neck or one of the super soft and eco-friendly men’s modal t-shirts. Add a pair of square-shaped black polarized sunglasses or aviators. With such a simple yet refined style, you are sure to look polished and trendy for the season.

5. Schedule a pedicure

This summer, you are bound to wear men’s sandals. There are plenty of designs that will go with your style, like sturdy, strappy fisherman sandals or a pair of earthy, neutral slip-ons with metal buckles.

A pedicure makes it easy to hydrate your feet while getting your nails groomed for your big night out. They will smooth the heels and bottoms of your feet while moisturizing your legs and ankles. They will also trim your fingernails while getting rid of excess nails and other bits of skin.

Many men’s pedicures come without polish, but you can always request a clear coat if you want a fresh, healthy look for your nails. First, find a spa near you that specializes in men’s pedicures, then book an appointment in early summer. The professional service will get you ready for your vacation or make your skin smooth before you start losing your socks.

Maintain your pedicure aesthetic at home or go once a month until the end of summer. Then, if you like the way you feel, you can continue throughout the year. No matter how long you go, you’ll have more confidence in your feet while helping to avoid problems like dry, cracked skin or damaged nails.

6. Feel fresh and groomed for summer

5 summer grooming tips for men

Warmer temperatures and humidity make you want to change up your grooming routine for the summer, while weddings and backyard parties can tempt you to update your look. Whatever your motivation, the tips above will help you feel confident and stay fresh. A clean, classic look is not only best for summer, but a great look for all year round.


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