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In order for any user to apply for a loan from a lender, only a couple of fundamental requirements or notions that we are going to give you are necessary so that you know how to use our private equity company and can request a loan from a lender.

The first necessary condition to be able to apply for a loan is a guarantee or guarantee that you must provide, it is a property that will guarantee or guarantee the loan that we are going to grant you. This possession can be of real estate type or of any kind, since in our private loan company we accept all kinds of objects with the sole exception of jewelry. The second important condition is that if it is a real estate type guarantee, it must have a fundamental condition; have no charges and mortgages. Fulfilling this point are valid flats, houses, premises, etc. We will not accept lots or plots.

There are many alternatives for a client to obtain a particular equity loan in our company. The amount of money that we can give the client will be around 20% of the value of the property, this is very variable and depends on the quality of the guarantees presented. You can endorse the loan with almost any object, a vehicle, art collections, a floor, etc. almost anything can be used to guarantee the private equity loan and the only exception is jewelry. There is a wide range of possibilities for the client to guarantee the credit they are requesting.

Another very interesting option is the loan for the car, in this way it is possible that the customer gets the amount of money that would be around 30% or 40% of the value of their own vehicle. We proceeded as follows, first we assessed the car and then we gave the owner the amount of money that we have previously quoted; we would do the same in the case of a van, a truck or a motorcycle. Other important advantages of these loans are that they are processed very quickly, so that the user can enjoy their cash in less than 72 hours and deposited into their current account. We can reach this point thanks to the fact that we always try to eliminate and reduce unnecessary procedures, in such a way that we can accelerate the process. As professionals and experts in real estate and financial issues we always try to carry out feasibility studies, analysis whose purpose is to verify that the client can effectively enjoy their money and get the loan is requesting them.

These studies are totally free and does not involve any expense for the client, also in the case that it is a real estate property that the loan is guaranteed, we would need the note always the registration of to be able to carry out the analysis. We can also carry out the official appraisal of the house, in this case we will only charge the client an amount that would be very economical. A series of notarial signatures are carried out, that is to say all processes of procedures or agreements involve the presence of a notary and therefore will be signed before, this means that the agreement has greater legal and legal validity. These notarial signatures can be carried out anywhere in the Spanish territory, which is advantageous since the client does not have to travel to another place or take a trip.

Our private loan company offers this service in all Spanish locations. We also want to highlight one more thing and that is that we are regulated, which means that our activity is totally legal and complies with the regulations currently in place regarding private loans.


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