Big Island woman known for Guinness World Record title dies at 92


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawaii has played host to several world record holders, including a woman who once held the title of the world’s largest sunglasses collection.

Betty Webster has spent 92 years embodying the aloha spirit. She passed away a few weeks ago, but her family is hoping her unique style and aloha heritage will live on forever.

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“If you could bring up the dictionary, if they could put a picture of someone under aloha spirit, it would absolutely be Betty Webster,” said Natalie Webster, Betty’s granddaughter.

Natalie said her grandmother was the most active 92-year-old woman she had ever known.

Betty worked in a number of restaurants in Kamuela on the Big Island, even until her late 80s. When diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few years ago, Betty kept smiling and dancing the hula until the end.

“When we saw her a few months ago, she was still dancing but on her chair,” Natalie says. “I’m the oldest of her grandchildren, and all of us, one thing we share, one thing we all have remembered that we’ve learned from her, that it’s never too late to do something that excites you. “

Betty Webster’s name isn’t just famous within her Big Island community. She is also known around the world. She won the Guinness World Record title for having the largest private collection of fancy sunglasses in 2017. She had 1,506 pairs of sunglasses.

“She was a hostess at different restaurants, and she would change her glasses the entire time you saw her in a pair, and you looked away for a second, you turned around and she has all that other pair of glasses on,” said Natalie.

Of course, she had her favorites.

“She had a few pairs that she really enjoyed going out,” Natalie said. “One of them was these two big beer mugs.”

Besides her Guinness World Record title, Betty had a few others that are perhaps much more important: mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother.

Her family hope the world learns the same lesson Betty Webster did.

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“Our grandmother, every day, wanted to make someone smile for her,” Natalie said. “And especially right now, you know there are a lot of divisions in all areas, and now more than ever, the time has come for aloha.”

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