Cyxus Blue Light 2021 eyewear review


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Cyxus is an online eyewear retailer that sells blue light filtering eyewear, sunglasses and prescription lenses.

This article explores Cyxus’ brand and reputation, what the company offers, and information on its shipping, return, and warranty policies. It also reviews other vision products, health and some alternative brands.

In business since 2009, Cyxus says she wants to combine fashion and functionality, as she wants people to feel stylish while providing proper eye care.

The company claims to have certifications from the following organizations:

In addition, Cyxus has Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in the certification of electrical and electronic equipment. All these certifications attest to the brand’s adherence to environmental, ethical and safety standards.

Reputation and opinion

Cyxus has an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars out of Trustpilot, based on 16 reviews. Among them, 87% are positive and mention good quality products. However, 13% of reviews are less favorable, citing customer dissatisfaction with delivery times.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) assigns the company a “B” grade but does not grant them accreditation. The brand has closed four complaints on this review platform in the past 4 years. Although the details of the complaints are limited, they do mention delivery and product or service issues.

Cyxus sells anti-blue light glasses, Sun glasses, and eyeglasses.

Anti-blue light glasses

The Cyxus range of anti-blue light lenses has a high visible energy absorbent lens (HEV), which means their lenses are practically clear. The company has reportedly built the product’s blue light blocking ability into the frames, so it won’t wear out over time.

Cyxus offers ranges of anti-blue light glasses for adults and children, which can be prescription, non-prescription or reading glasses. The brand offers many color and pattern options, and a person can filter the search results to find their frame material, shape, and rim. The company also offers spring hinges, ultralight options, and clip-on styles.

In addition to blue light glasses, Cyxus offers a range of sleep glasses that it recommends a person wear at night to block blue light that could negatively affect the sleep cycle.

Prices for Cyxus blue light blocking glasses range from around $ 13 to $ 119.

Learn more about blue light blocking glasses.

Sun glasses

All Cyxus non-prescription sunglasses feature polarized lenses, which reduce glare from water, snow and the road surface. Learn more about polarized sunglasses.

The company offers many different styles, colors and frames, which would offer:

  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Tri-Acetate Cellulose lens material for visual clarity
  • scratch-resistant lenses
  • shatterproof and impact resistant

The price of their sunglasses ranges from around $ 10 to $ 80.

Learn more about buying prescription sunglasses online.

Corrective lenses

The company also offers corrective lens options in regular eyeglass and sunglasses frames.

A person who purchases corrective lenses can also add optional blue light blocking.

When placing an order, Cyxus asks individuals to enter their prescription details. It also requires a measurement of the pupillary distance but provides a to guide on how to measure this.

The company says it takes up to 2 days to process non-prescription orders and 3 days to process prescription orders. Cyxus also offers free standard shipping to all 50 states and many international countries for orders over $ 16. Amazon processes orders in most countries.

Cyxus has a 14 day return policy for defective or damaged items on arrival. He also mentions if a person accidentally damages their glasses within that 14 day period, he will offer them the same pair for half the price.

If a person is not happy with their non-prescription glasses, they can exchange them for a different style or return them for a partial refund.

As the prescription glasses are personalized, Cyxus does not offer a refund unless there is an issue with their quality.

Cyxus specializes in blue light blocking glasses, which a person can use when working with digital screens, such as computers. Manufacturers claim that these glasses can help prevent digital eye strain. However, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) states that there is no scientific research proving that blue light from computers and other digital screens causes any form of eye disease. Therefore, the AAO does not recommend the use of blue light blocking glasses.

The organization also says there is evidence that blue light can affect a person’s sleep cycle, and a Study 2019 shows that people with insomnia can benefit from blocking their exposure to blue light.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), blue light has the greatest impact on a person’s sleep cycle and can cause difficulty falling or staying asleep. 2016 research shows positive results in blue light blocking glasses for people with delayed sleep phase disorder.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a vision product. These may include:

  • Trying on glasses: A person may want to try the product before purchasing it. They may wish to visit a physical store or use a company’s online virtual “try-out” feature.
  • Value and cost: Individuals can consider their budget and decide if the price is reasonable for the personal benefits they will gain from it and the quality of the product’s workmanship.
  • Brand reputation: Reading brand or retailer reviews can help make sure a person is buying from a legitimate business.
  • Returns, exchanges, warranty: People may want to consider a company’s return and exchange policy, especially if they can’t try a product first. They can also check if there is a warranty policy.
  • Lens options: Sometimes a person may need thicker lenses if they have a stronger prescription. Not all retailers offer this option, so it may be worth checking this out in advance. They may also wish to purchase lenses with additional features such as blue light blockers or anti-scratch coatings.

According to National Eye Institute (NEI), more than 150 million Americans have a refractive error, such as hyperopia or nearsightedness, making it the most common vision problem. The causes of refractive errors can be the length of the eyeball, the shape of the cornea, or the aging of the lens.

Ophthalmologists can check a person’s eyes for refractive errors and offer a prescription for glasses or contact lenses that will usually correct these vision problems.

The NEI recommends the following steps to help maintain visual health:

  • Talk to an ophthalmologist for a regular eye exam. According to American Optometric Association, the recommended frequency of eye exams differs depending on age, risk factor and family history.
  • See an eye doctor if a person’s vision deteriorates.
  • See an ophthalmologist if glasses or contact lenses do not correct vision problems.
  • Encourage family members to have regular eye exams.

A person might consider other brands of glasses, including:

Cyxus is a brand that trades online and sells blue light blocking glasses, sunglasses and prescription lenses.

Other companies also specialize in blue light blocking glasses. A person may wish to take into account various factors, such as the length of the warranty and the reputation of the brand, in deciding which one may be right for them.


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