‘Everyone wears sunglasses on Monday’ – Coventry City star sparks shade mania with brilliant goal celebration


It’s fair to say that Callum O’Hare cemented his place in the hall of iconic images and goal celebrations for Coventry City after his Good Friday strike to seal a marvelous 4-2 Midlands derby win over Birmingham City.

The popular Sky Blues star, who many fans refer to as the Solihull Messi, first endeared himself to City supporters when he donned a sky blue wig and took pictures of himself celebrating the promotion of the lockdown as Ligue 1 champions.

And the 23-year-old captured the imagination again this weekend when he spotted a pair of John Lennon-style sunglasses that had been thrown from the crowd after scoring City’s fourth home goal at St. Andrew’s.

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The speedy striker took the specs and set them up for a brilliant goal celebration that made him the subject of the Championship.

Sky Sports tweeted: The perfect celebration doesn’t exist… before showing footage of his post-goal antics, adding: Callum O’Hare celebrates his Coventry goal in style today.

The sunglasses have already caught on with a whole family of City fans on holiday in Lanzarote dressing in similar shades after watching the game in a bar, while others have already suggested supporters will be returning in droves to CBS Arena for Monday’s game. against Bournemouth wearing them.

Meanwhile, quick to spot a business opportunity, the independent ccfcfansstore is already selling a line of t-shirts featuring O’Hare in sunglasses.

Here’s what fans said:

Neil Jones: Everyone wears sunglasses on Mondays now.

Matt Cattell: Already the best photo of the season.

Katy Louise: You couldn’t look cooler than in this photo. Photo taken after scoring a goal. Two-tone kit. Sun glasses.

Naomi Burk: Great victory Cal! Fabulous goal! The 3 points we wanted! Shades are also a nice upgrade on the blue wig!

JC Osbourne: I love this picture ! Absolute legend of Coventry.

Mike: Doesn’t this guy look cool in his sunglasses! He definitely does the business in the field and so much more.

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