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Do you remember how Balenciaga’s Triple S became the best-selling sneaker in 2017? It still tops the popularity charts. Likewise, Gucci has metaphorically dipped its feet into the luxury sneaker market. This year, chic releases from Dior, Prada and Louis Vuitton testify to the ripple effects of this footwear phenomenon that began as working-class footwear and is now synonymous with self-indulgence.

As the shoes of choice for athletes and rappers, sneakers have slowly gained cult status. Today, these comfortable shoes are cultural icons. So, from sports arenas to red carpet events and weddings to office attire, sneakers fit any bill. So much so that there is a dedicated weekly podcast called Sneaker History Podcast and a community of sneakerheads, whose mission is “to educate, inspire and encourage sneakerheads to turn their passion for sneakers into careers in the footwear sector.

Excited? Here’s how to style them to nail your style game for any occasion.

Above casual game

Look beyond the hoodie-jogger-sneaker combo

Solid black and white sneakers are classic and can be paired with anything; Zara T-shirt, cardigan, bag and cap; Pants and Shoes by Adidas Originals

You can never go wrong with the OG hoodie and sneaker combo, but who said it’s the only way to elevate your casual game?

Relaxed fit jeans or chinos go just as well with bottoms as they do with a plain or graphic t-shirt layered over a cardigan, when paired with black and white trainers.

Expert’s voice

Nida Mahmood, the fashion designer, says, “The plain black and white sneakers are classic and can be paired with just about anything! Try bright or even metallic colors. Some brands also offer ombre sneakers which are super cool and give the wearer the opportunity to have more fun with casual clothes.

Experience with ease

When in doubt, choose black and white sneakers

You can experiment with a whole bunch of sneaker-colored silhouettes; Zara corset top and trousers; Shoes by Nike

Dear ladies, put on a corset top and layer it over pleated and flared pants. Accessorize with chunky earrings and a choker and wear your black and white sneakers in this cool, casual look.

Expert’s voice

Nida Mahmoud

Nida Mahmood explains: “You can experiment with a whole bunch of sneaker-colored silhouettes. They add so much to an outfit. Also, a simple formal sheath dress paired with sneakers is a great way to make a statement in a casual outfit and add a bit of novelty to it!

Vibrate with the weekend

Make a splash with colorful sneakers without going OTT

Even a linen suit looks very cool with a pair of sneakers; T-shirt by; Nike shorts and shoes; Bag by Break; Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Weekend brunches are the perfect time to relax in style, and what better than a splash of color to up the mood? Choose any shade and keep the tone in the same area as it will help you look well put together.

When choosing shorts, find a length that ensures you don’t look ready to play basketball. They also shouldn’t be too tight to sit on! A pair of New Balance 999 or the multi-toned Onitsuka Tigers work well with this look.

Expert’s voice

Fashion designer Nachiket Barve says, “Sneakers work wonders for brunches. Guys can make easy shorts with sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt, or opt for lined pants with a cool, sporty tee. In fact, even a linen suit looks very cool with a pair of sneakers.

Pastels work well enough; whites are a classic and pale grays and neutrals work great with this trend. Multicolored sneakers are really trendy, as are chunky sneakers and those with military details. Men can also try studded sneakers as well as those with a mix of leather and suede.

Dare to be dressed

Dazzle in the denims-meet-statement sneaker set

One trend that really works for women is lace sneakers with embellishments; Jeans by Hiro; Yeezy shoes; Top by H&M; Bag by Off White

Jeans are always a good idea and when you go to brunch, slip into a trendy pair and pair them with some edgy trainers to strike the right balance between comfort and dress. A shiny pair of Dunks, or maybe even a Japan S might be good options to consider.

Expert’s voice

Nachiket Barve

Fashion designer Nachiket Barve says, “Dress sneakers are versatile, comfortable and work well for summer. You can pair them with an easy sundress, mini dress or cropped jumpsuit – the vibe is more important than how it comes together in a head-to-toe look. Even pairing a cropped cropped denim jacket with a flowy sundress and sneakers will work great for this season.

It’s a good idea to look at a pair of white sneakers with botanical, insect or bird designs on them. One trend that really works for women is lace sneakers with embellishments.

Get ready for the up-to-date office

Find sneakers that easily transport you from work to coffee

Avoid sneakers with gold or bling. these are for party wear; Zara Suit; T-shirt by H&M; Sunglasses by F21; Bag by Break; Nike x Off White Shoes

Investing in versatile workwear and comfortable footwear that blends into the hybrid work-home-leisure culture only makes sense in the new normal.

A formal suit may seem over the top, but pairing one with a casual t-shirt with a dash of color could make room for some sneakers to complete the look!

While plain white sneakers are always a safe bet, a pair of Jordans, Superstars, or even Vans might work for those willing to experiment. This choice tells your date how much you juggle between work and play.

Expert’s voice

Rick Roy

Rick Roy, costume designer, says, “Chinos and t-shirts layered over a linen jacket or jacket and worn with sneakers can be easily transported from work to a coffee date with ease. Keep the look cool, casual and dressy without overdoing it.

Avoid sneakers with gold or bling. These are for party wear. Instead, opt for a statement pair that you can wear to work, for play, and to a salon.

have fun in the sun

Dress up summer with brightly colored sneakers

Different colors of neon or sneakers with lots of vibrant hues can be paired with many outfits; Shirt by Mango; Skirt by YTS; Shoes by Nike

While dresses with sneakers are a predictable choice, wearing them with a shirt and skirt can help you look quirky without looking too casual. A pair of fun, colorful sneakers (check out the black and pink AF1s) complete the look nicely when matched with the colors of the outfit.

Remember to keep the accessories subtle to draw attention to your sneakers.

Expert’s voice

Rick Roy, costume designer, says. “Girls can wear sneakers with a casual top, cropped skirt and oversized sleeveless jacket, to transition from work to a date during the day. Ragged jeans can also replace a skirt. Usually a cool, casual look like this works well for a first date.

As for sneakers, you can opt for bright and pop hues to make a statement. Two different colors of neon or sneakers with lots of vibrant hues can go with lots of outfits.

Dress to impress

Trending on social media with an eye-catching pair of sneakers

With girls, the more fun they have, the more the look is enhanced; On her: Zara dress, jacket and sunglasses; Bag by Off White; Nike shoes; On him: Old Time’s Sake T-shirt; Nike pants and shoes; Zara bag, shirt and sunglasses

Classic sneakers like the AF1 or Stan Smith for men are both super stylish and comfortable enough to dance the night away. Similarly, women can try the Club C 85 or the Stan Smith.

For him

Pair your sneakers with a sporty color-coded outfit. Add some accessories to complete the look.

Expert’s voice

Nimish Shah

Nimish Shah, the fashion designer, says, “The best way to dress up sneakers is to keep the clothing selection basic, like simple jeans or chinos with a plain t-shirt. Avoid loaded clothes. The fact that you have a fashionable sneaker is in itself the best accessory for a look.

for her

Find a dress that falls somewhere between overdressed and overly restrictive, and pair it with a blazer to show off the sneakers. Make sure your outfit has fewer colors than sneakers.

Expert’s voice

Nimish Shah says, “A shift dress and cute trendy sneakers are always classic, but there’s absolutely no harm in trying a midi dress with sneakers. Wear an oversized layered jacket. With girls, the more fun they have, the more the look is enhanced. They can totally go there, which is when it starts to look like they’ve made an effort versus when they’re going to work.

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