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With every loan and loan provider, you have to take into account different conditions, since each provider determines its own conditions. This is, of course, separate from the legal conditions which must always be met. But whether there is an income check and whether papers such as contracts are required, the lender can decide for himself and therefore there may be differences between loans. In general, the conclusion of an online loan is one of the easiest methods of borrowing money, as these are short-term loans of small amounts. As a result, chances are that these loans are also feasible for you, regardless of your financial situation.

Get up to $1000 loans for really bad credit

The online loan simply means a loan from independent lenders on the internet. In general, these loans can be concluded quickly and easily via the Internet, since the conditions are generally milder than with the average loan. Moreover, the loans can be closed quickly, because you do not have to come by appointment but can quickly close the loan from the computer within a few minutes. For these reasons, many people nowadays opt for an online loan. It is only possible to borrow small amounts, which can play a role in the process of choosing an appropriate loan provider like Green Day Enterprises.

Am I eligible for an online loan in 2015?

Chances are that you too can take out an online loan, but you also have to take into account the conditions that the provider uses. This can be credit control, paperwork or income requirements. Again, base the choice for a provider on the conditions for that reason. For every loan, it is legally required that you must be at least 21 years old and have a fixed amount of income, but other additional conditions are never mandatory. Find the provider that fits your personal situation. Unemployment, lack of paperwork or blacklist registration do not have to be a problem for every provider.

How much can I borrow with an online loan in 2015?

With internet loans, it is only about small amounts, that is an important point to take into account. If you want to borrow larger amounts, it is often better to opt for a different type of loan. How much you can borrow maximum is determined by each provider, but in general, a loan of up to 1000 euros is understood under a small amount. That way you can borrow 200 euros for certain expenditure, 550 euros for paying the bills or 900 euros for a long journey often possible, but always look carefully at the conditions and terms on which you have to make the money available again. Most online lean have a short term, so calculating in advance whether you can have the money available is important to be able to take out a loan online safely and at no extra cost.

In short, an online loan in 2015 is, therefore, an easy way to borrow money in many cases. Always check the conditions carefully and see what is possible in your personal situation. The conditions and the possibility to take out a loan can be found on the website of a certain provider.

What interest do lenders have on loans? /what-interest-do-lenders-have-on-loans/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /what-interest-do-lenders-have-on-loans/ The private loan is the option of many private equity clients and the reason is because it is very difficult to obtain a loan in any bank, since the crisis has caused the loan to close, in addition to the conditions required by banks. Banks when granting their loans are very hard and prevent many of their customers from getting it. To do this, you have to look for another source and in this case private capital is the best option, lenders can provide money and many of your customers ask questions about the terms and interests of the lenders’ loans.

We are going to propose the example of our company and for it we inform that the interests that of the credits of our lenders are between 12% and 15% of annual interest. But we must speak of another advantage of our private equity loans, to obtain money we only ask for a guarantee as an indispensable requirement, this can be real estate or any other kind and this implies that the client can propose all kinds of guarantees from a car, floors, art collections, etc. any property is used to obtain the loan and the only exception is jewelry. Our company grants up to 20% or even 25% of the value of the guarantee, we must say that this amount is closely related to the quality of the guarantees and therefore we recommend that customers present guarantees that the highest possible quality.

In the case of real estate type guarantees, an indispensable condition must be met, these guarantees must be totally free of charges and mortgages and the floors, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. We do not accept lots, land or plots. Our private capital loans have other advantages, the most important of which is the speed with which transactions are processed, so that our users can wait quietly and in less than 72 hours get the money they have asked for and this will always be the case If the necessary documents have arrived at our offices, this should be noted that we do not ask for as many papers or documentation as banks do and for that reason the time to obtain the credit is smaller.

Our company is formed by a team of private and private lenders who are experts and have knowledge in real estate and financial issues, this means that they can deal with all kinds of aspects and will always try to do it so that the process for obtaining credit is more fast we can even take care of the official appraisal of the house and carry it out for an economic price for the client. We grant money from € 3000 and above and any person or company can benefit from these loans, regardless of whether they are on an asnef list, with outstanding debts; since that is not an inconvenience for us and thanks to the guarantee we can provide immediate liquidity to our users. Neither is it an impediment that the client is unemployed and does not receive monthly payroll, these are a series of very important advantages when it comes to obtaining money from the lenders

    Advantages of loans from private lenders /advantages-of-loans-from-private-lenders/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /advantages-of-loans-from-private-lenders/ You are probably looking for a financing method to deal with some kind of unforeseen economic . You may want to pay a debt that has led you to Asnef. Or that you need to change the car immediately. Whatever the case, you have different financing options at your fingertips. In general, people usually go to their bank for a lifetime to apply for different types of lines of credit . However, these financial entities are very restrictive when it comes to offering loans. And it is even likely that they will demand some requirements that you can not fulfill or with which you do not agree.

    Luckily today there are very attractive financial alternatives . As is the case with private equity companies and private lenders . From Lenders we want to tell you about the advantages of loans from private lenders . So you can know more ways of financing that may be interesting. If you want to know more about this topic do not stop reading the following post.

    Main advantages of loans from private lenders

    The advantages offered by private equity companies and private lenders are very varied. Among the most interesting stand out undoubtedly include the following:

    Less demanding conditions

    When we request money from a bank to face some debt, the most frequent is that the conditions they pose are quite demanding. This has been a serious financing problem in recent years. Especially since the crisis broke out. For unfortunately economically people were not in the best possible situation and could not meet the minimum requirements of the bank. Nowadays, although little by little we are recovering economically, salaries are still very low and the need to apply for credit proliferates. In the case of private lenders it will not affect if you have a bad CIRCLE, if you are in Asnef or if your payroll is not stable.

    No linked products

    One of the strategies most used by banks is to include linked products in their loans . In this way they obtain greater benefits and cover the obligatory sales they have to make every month. Unfortunately these linked products do not have to be something that we are interested in acquiring because we need money.

    These links can be of all kinds. From forcing you to open an account with them if it is not your bank. Being obliged to have a credit card and use it every month. Pass your payroll to your bank if you do not already have it with them. Hire an insurance that maybe does not cover everything you are looking for or simply that you do not need. And a long etcetera.

    Normally, to “place” these products what they do is play with the interests of the loan and adjust them more . However, you have to make calculations to see if it really comes to mind to accept these links or not. In the case of private lenders, this situation will never occur since they do not require any type of relationship.

    Ease of procedures

    Private lenders and private equity companies operate through the internet. In this way they facilitate the client all the steps, since it is not necessary that they move to any entity to formalize the request and deliver a large pile of papers. Everything can be done from the comfort of home.

    In the case of loans with mortgage guarantee it is necessary to sign the contract before a notary when the time comes. But the paperwork can be managed in less than 15 minutes through the internet.

      Types of loans according to their purpose /types-of-loans-according-to-their-purpose/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /types-of-loans-according-to-their-purpose/ Loans can be classified in many different ways. Hence, the type of loans is very varied. In this article the experts of Lenders have wanted to offer readers a description of the types of loans according to their purpose . Would you like to know which ones are they? In that case, keep reading.

      Main types of loans according to their purpose

      In this space you will find a classification of the types of loans according to their purpose. Remember that it is not a unique classification and that you can find others in relation to different variables. As for example the expiration term.

      Mortgage loans

      Without a doubt, mortgage loans are the most frequent in Spain . Are those that are requested to buy a home . In these cases, the property acquired is used as a guarantee. These are long-term loans that can reach up to 40 years. The interests are quite tight and depend on whether the client bets on a fixed, variable or mixed mortgage. The payment installments are usually monthly and include a series of mandatory linkages with the bank for the loan to be granted.

      Consumer loans

      Consumer loans have become very fashionable in recent years. It is a financial product offered by large commercial chains . As for example Carrefour or Media Markt. These loans are used to finance a good or service . That is to say, that the client does not receive money in exchange but obtains the good that he needed. They are useful for buying appliances and even for returning to school.

      The return period is usually not very high and usually includes a short period of partial lack in which there is no interest to pay.

      Personal loans

      Personal loans are one of the most frequent modalities according to the purpose. These types of credits are requested by the client when a specific financial need has to be met at a very specific moment . For example, having to make a repair or a reform that did not have or could afford an unexpected expense.

      The characteristics of personal loans vary depending on the type of credit institution that is approached. The conditions offered by a bank will not be the same as a private equity company or a lender.

      The loans for studies

      There are many young people who lack sufficient economic capacity to be able to develop their studies and improve professionally. In this case, scholarships and family financial aid are usually necessary methods to face this stage of life. However, you can not always count on these two options. Hence, a good method to fix all the financial issue related to the studies is the loans for studies.

      Although these are the most popular lines of credit in the rest of Europe and the United States, little by little they are becoming popular in our country . These loans are characterized by having very advantageous economic conditions for students . They usually include long periods of grace, long repayment terms and very low interest rates. Which allows the young people to be able to face economically their student stage. Either to do a postgraduate, a master’s degree or to pay the tuition of the university.

      Loans for companies

      Although it is a product aimed exclusively at businesses, we want to make a brief description of these loans. The loans for companies are one of the methods most used by companies to have liquidity . Until a few years ago, banks were practically the only credit institutions that granted them. However nowadays, and due to the crisis and the cut of financing by the banks, there are other companies that offer them. For example those of private capital or even crowdfunding or crowdlending. There are short, medium and long term.

        Apply for a loan to a lender /apply-for-a-loan-to-a-lender/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /apply-for-a-loan-to-a-lender/ In order for any user to apply for a loan from a lender, only a couple of fundamental requirements or notions that we are going to give you are necessary so that you know how to use our private equity company and can request a loan from a lender.

        The first necessary condition to be able to apply for a loan is a guarantee or guarantee that you must provide, it is a property that will guarantee or guarantee the loan that we are going to grant you. This possession can be of real estate type or of any kind, since in our private loan company we accept all kinds of objects with the sole exception of jewelry. The second important condition is that if it is a real estate type guarantee, it must have a fundamental condition; have no charges and mortgages. Fulfilling this point are valid flats, houses, premises, etc. We will not accept lots or plots.

        There are many alternatives for a client to obtain a particular equity loan in our company. The amount of money that we can give the client will be around 20% of the value of the property, this is very variable and depends on the quality of the guarantees presented. You can endorse the loan with almost any object, a vehicle, art collections, a floor, etc. almost anything can be used to guarantee the private equity loan and the only exception is jewelry. There is a wide range of possibilities for the client to guarantee the credit they are requesting.

        Another very interesting option is the loan for the car, in this way it is possible that the customer gets the amount of money that would be around 30% or 40% of the value of their own vehicle. We proceeded as follows, first we assessed the car and then we gave the owner the amount of money that we have previously quoted; we would do the same in the case of a van, a truck or a motorcycle. Other important advantages of these loans are that they are processed very quickly, so that the user can enjoy their cash in less than 72 hours and deposited into their current account. We can reach this point thanks to the fact that we always try to eliminate and reduce unnecessary procedures, in such a way that we can accelerate the process. As professionals and experts in real estate and financial issues we always try to carry out feasibility studies, analysis whose purpose is to verify that the client can effectively enjoy their money and get the loan is requesting them.

        These studies are totally free and does not involve any expense for the client, also in the case that it is a real estate property that the loan is guaranteed, we would need the note always the registration of to be able to carry out the analysis. We can also carry out the official appraisal of the house, in this case we will only charge the client an amount that would be very economical. A series of notarial signatures are carried out, that is to say all processes of procedures or agreements involve the presence of a notary and therefore will be signed before, this means that the agreement has greater legal and legal validity. These notarial signatures can be carried out anywhere in the Spanish territory, which is advantageous since the client does not have to travel to another place or take a trip.

        Our private loan company offers this service in all Spanish locations. We also want to highlight one more thing and that is that we are regulated, which means that our activity is totally legal and complies with the regulations currently in place regarding private loans.

          Request private loans to finance themselves as writers /request-private-loans-to-finance-themselves-as-writers/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /request-private-loans-to-finance-themselves-as-writers/ There are many reasons to request a loan. One of the reasons may be to undertake any type of business, so if you are a writer, have written a book and want to market it, do not publish it in an editorial and you do not have the resources to endow the book with a edition and professional services, as well as to launch it properly to the market in what concerns the marketing of the same, in the loans of the private lenders can find the solution.

          Currently, it is not like it used to be, and anyone can publish any book. The self-editing platforms make it much easier and today more than ever publishing it is easier than ever, but one thing is to publish it and another to market it.

          If you simply want to publish a book that you have written, post it on the Internet and try your luck to sell some, it is absurd that you request financing for it. You can write it and publish it on any self-publishing platform for free and that’s it, but if you really want to market it and have a chance to make a lot of money with your book, you should focus it and treat it differently.
          If you really want to launch your book as a professional writer and market it properly you should launch it as if it were a business product, a business on an important scale, because it really is what it is, and this requires an investment, an important investment.

          Private lenders to cover all costs

          Writing a book can be easy and publishing it too, but putting it in the online and physical stores in an appropriate way no longer so much. First of all, an adequate edition of the book is required, the book can be well written, but it also has to have good finishes. The cost of editing, layout and much more, if you want to be professional, is important.

          If you self-edit the book and do it in a professional manner you must carry out all the phases of its marketing, also the promotion and distribution of it. Thus, for example, ordering the publicity required to make it known, designing and executing the promotional actions it deems appropriate, and the most expensive part, printing the copies so that they can be distributed correctly and not running out of stock will run from their account.

          In relation to the printing and distribution of your books, obviously, you can sell them only online and have no physical format, but you will lose a sales channel, the physical one that still supports a large percentage of the sale of books and so on. You will also have to develop everything related to book marketing.

          And, obviously, if you want you can also print the books on request and not have stock, but then you can not put them on sale physically in places where you can sell them, such as fairs, etc., or stock the bookstores with which you can get to agreements to sell their books. To cover all of the above, private lenders can grant you all the financing you need. It can be highly recommended that you make a generous budget of your needs (better than you have plenty of resources and not all of them to be short of funds) and request it, in a short time you can market your book as the best professional.

            Do you know what a pre-agreed loan is? /do-you-know-what-a-pre-agreed-loan-is/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /do-you-know-what-a-pre-agreed-loan-is/ Probably if you work with a financial institution through the internet, when you check your accounts it is likely that on your computer screen you will see the following message: “you have a pre-agreed loan”.

            The pre-granted loan

            Although the normal thing is that we are the clients that we go to a financial institution to request a loan today many financial entities contact us and they preconcend us a loan.

            The normal thing is that these loans are only offered to those customers with a solid financial position and low risk of default. Among the characteristics that must be fulfilled in order for a bank to grant you one of these loans, the following stand out:

            • Be a client of that entity . The loans are only granted to the clients of that particular financial institution. To analyze whether a client can be granted this type of loan, the risk of each case is analyzed through scoring.
            • Have an economic profile with little risk . The normal thing is that financial institutions only grant this type of loans to those customers whose risk of default is truly low. Likewise, the amount of capital offered depends on the economic capacity of the client in said bank.
            • Capital may be used for any type of expense . One of the most interesting features of pre-granted loans is that capital can be used to cover any type of expense. There is no requirement that money be used for one purpose or another.
            • Ease of procedures . Perhaps one of the main advantages of a pre-granted loan is the one that is congratulated when carrying out the procedures to be able to enjoy the capital. Do not forget that the bank has previously studied the level of risk of the client and therefore does not need to perform the study again. In other words, if this type of loan is accepted, liquidity will be available in the current account in a very short time.
            • Relatively high interests . Perhaps one of the main problems of this type of loans are high interest rates. As a general rule, all loans that involve giving a quantity of succulent capital without the need for too many studies or explanations are usually accompanied by high interest rates. In addition, many times this type of loans require to accept some type of insurance, which is another cost overrun.

            Can it be interesting to accept a pre-granted loan?

            The truth is that unless there is an imminent need to obtain capital in a very short period of time, these loans, like microcredits, are not worth it due to high interest rates. Being loans that are normally granted to people who do not need them, the most common is that their hiring is not interesting for the client.

            However, they can be a good way out if, at any given time, we face the need to obtain immediate capital. The speed in the concession will be really fast and since it is a loan with your own financial entity you will not have to offer any extra information to be able to formalize it.

              Recommendations on private loans between individuals /recommendations-on-private-loans-between-individuals/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /recommendations-on-private-loans-between-individuals/ Almost all of us know about private loans between individuals, they have still been in our country for a short time, since banks began to deny credit to many individuals, they have had to look for other sources of financing.

              Let’s see what private loans between individuals consist of. The process is quite simple, the borrower must indicate the amount of money he needs, the reason why he will need that amount, an important aspect to formalize the agreement better, the maximum time he can have to return the money and the interest rate that I would be willing to pay. If there is something in which the private loans between individuals stand out, in opposition to the traditional financial products of the banking entities, it is that there are forms of financing that have a small altruistic component. But you can also make a private loan to individuals, usually it is going to be an investor who grants money to the borrower to carry out the project or business that he has in mind.

              Obviously, there are some legal and fiscal obligations, as a general rule, when a loan is made between individuals to buy a home, which is usually called family loans. There are no distinctions with loans between individuals, since the two cases have in common that the operation is carried out without the intervention of the credit institution. In family or private loans, these are characterized because they are subject to legal and fiscal obligations, for example the payment of taxes that are the following: The heritage transmissions and documented legal acts; more let’s say that each autonomous community has a different regulation and in general, they are the ones that have competences as far as the management and settlement of these taxes are concerned, it is convenient to keep in mind that the loans will be free of taxes, regardless of the form in which they are carried out, since the taxpayers will be obliged to present those explanatory documents of the taxable circumstances as far as the law is concerned, and in the case that these exist, a declaration of the deadlines and in what form establishes regulations.

              The income tax; the loans between individuals that are destined to buy habitual houses do not have in the IRPF different treatment to the one that could correspond to those granted by credit entities. For that reason, it does not matter if the loan is granted by a family member, a friend or a credit institution, since this does not mean altering the character that implies outside financing, which incorporates all this. It would occur as an acquisition cost of a habitual residence, in those cases in which it is purchased before the end of the year, if there are no fiscal changes again.

              Some things are recommended to carry out a correct private loan. In the first place, the agreement must be formalized so that unwanted tax and legal consequences are avoided. The verbal agreement is not advisable, therefore, it is convenient to sign a public deed before a notary or through a private contract, agreed between both parties. It must be borne in mind that the passage through the notary involves costs and payments.

              These documents must include all the information and data of lender and borrower, what interest rates the operation has and the amount or amount of money lent, in addition to the period in which it must be repaid. The last recommendation, refers to that you have to be aware of all taxes. Since if you observe that the loan is a gift, it is more likely that you will be forced to pay a donation tax, that means that the amounts corresponding to the loan can not be deducted in the income statement.

                Reasons why they can deny you a loan /reasons-why-they-can-deny-you-a-loan/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /reasons-why-they-can-deny-you-a-loan/ loan application

                Maybe at this moment you need to access financing and have gone to your bank of life to apply. Or to another financial institution in which you have located a product that seems interesting. However, it is likely that you have been denied access to the money. Do you know what are the main reasons why they can deny you a loan?

                Main reasons why you can be denied a loan

                There is not a single reason why you can be denied a loan. Although there are certain variables that affect more than others when making the decision. The most important are undoubtedly the following:

                That your name is registered in one of the delinquency files

                As a general rule, one of the main data that is checked when an individual or a company requests a loan is if it is registered in a delinquency file. The main companies operating in our country are Asnef, RAI and Cirbe.

                If we appear in one of them there will be many credit companies that will directly deny us access to financing. Others will accept it as long as the debt that has led us to the file:

                • Do not be for a financial default
                • I do not exceed € 500. Some loan companies will accept clients with debts of a maximum of € 2,000 and others will not take into account that they appear in these files as long as they can repay the loan.

                Lack of demonstrable income

                Requesting a loan implies having sufficient financial solvency to be able to return it, together with interest, within the agreed period . Therefore, we must have enough income to face the payments. Those users whose income is low or unstable will have more difficulty obtaining a loan. For example, many banks directly deny financing to the self-employed or those who lack a stable payroll.

                Little job stability

                Little job stability

                The lack of demonstrable income leads us to the next point that may be another reason to deny a loan: job instability. The lack of professional seniority is an impediment to get large loans . Although today there are many credit companies that offer loans to those users with a minimum age of three months. We can not ignore that today the employment situation is very complex and that few are the citizens who have an indefinite job and seniority in their position.

                However, if you want little money or have the unemployment benefit, the safest thing is that you get the money you need.

                Civil status

                Although it seems incredible, another aspect that is reviewed when a loan is requested is the civil status of the client. Having children, being married, separated or being single can affect, and much, to grant you a loan .

                As a rule, banks feel more comfortable lending money to married couples and children than to young singles. For this type of entities is a plus that you have family charges that will make you have constant income. And that you have a partner who can support you financially in case you can not repay the loan.

                Do not put our data correctly

                Many credit applications are rejected immediately for this reason . Unfortunately, there are many people who, due to carelessness, incorrectly indicate their personal data. That there are errors in the name and surnames, in the address and of course false data, are sufficient reasons to deny a loan.

                Carefully review your personal information when requesting a credit. Even the email address. And remember that the bank account you provide must be yours. Do not belong to your partner, another family member or a friend.

                  What are pre-granted loans? /what-are-pre-granted-loans/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:02:05 +0000 /what-are-pre-granted-loans/ loans?


                  Probably nobody is unfamiliar with this term, which refers to a very specific type of loan. We talk about the pre-granted loans. But, you know exactly what they are and how to use them. From Lenders we want to explain everything to you. Go for it.

                  What are pre-granted loans?

                  It is likely that when you check your internet transactions after your banking transactions, a message emerges at some point as a pop-up window that tells you that you have a pre-agreed loan. These loans are usually around € 3500 and are offered to those clients with whom a certain relationship is maintained . For example, have a checking account with regular movements, the payroll in a specific bank, or have contracted certain products with them.

                  As a general rule, pre-granted loans are offered to clients who demonstrate economic stability in their movements. The amount they offer is usually a little lower than what can be obtained with consumer loans and range between2,000 and sometimes very special can reach up to € 20,000.

                  They work in a very similar way to the credit of a company. The difference lies in the way of returning them and the fact that they are linked to domestic consumption. As a general rule, an amount is offered that, depending on how it is used, has to be paid back.

                  Can pre-granted loans be denied to clients?

                  As a general rule, the financial institution with which you work will be responsible for offering it through advertising. This happens when you consider that you are a client with a well-proven economic stability. That is to say, that this type of loans are usually announced to those clients that the financial institution on duty considers creditworthy for having made a prior analysis of their profile.

                  Therefore, if the entity in question offers them to you, it is very difficult for you to later refuse its use. However, until the contract between the two parties is signed, remember that nothing is certain.

                  What are the advantages of pre-granted loans?

                  Undoubtedly the main advantage of this type of loans is the ease offered by the entities when hiring them by the client . As we have explained a few lines above, the bank only offers these loans after having reviewed the client’s history. This review usually consists of:

                  • Check if the client in question has contracted more than one product with the financial entity that offers it.
                  • The amount of income you have and how much you get each month.
                  • If you have all payments up to date.
                  • If it is not registered in any delinquency file. As for example Asnef or RAI.

                  Once the policy is requested and signed, the normal thing is that in less than 48 hours you have the requested money in your own checking account.

                  Another advantage is directly linked to the interests . Although they are loans with relatively high interest, the truth is that these interests are lower than those that can be charged for using a credit card.

                  What are the disadvantages of pre-granted loans?

                  The disadvantages are simple. The first is very clear: this type of loans are offered to people who demonstrate a broad economic solvency . Normally, loans are requested when such solvency is not available or an economic slump occurs. Therefore, they are being offered to clients who may not need them.

                  The other great disadvantage is that to be able to enjoy them you have to be a client of the financial institution that promotes them . In fact, pre-granted loans are usually a benefit for the clients of this or that bank.