Going on a hike? Don’t forget to pack them!


You’ve finally booked that overdue and much-needed vacation trip. But a long 10-hour trip with heavy luggage and a surgical mask on your face at all times doesn’t sound too exciting. Although the journey can be hectic at times, if you’re well-packed and equipped with the right accessories before you set off, your next hike should be an absolute breeze!

Travel bags

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Although you can choose from a wide range of backpacks, duffel bags and wheeled suitcases, there are a few useful tips you should always keep in mind.

The size of the bag must be in accordance with your build, your age and the planned activities.

When it comes to material, a waterproof or scratch-resistant fabric is usually the best choice. Make sure zippers open and close smoothly. They should also be lockable for added security.

Straps should be comfortable and stretchy. There should be more than one grab handle – well padded and comfortable to hold. Our recommendations :

OZUKO 9390 Waterproof Travel Backpack

Price: Tk. 4,000/-

Features: waterproof fabric, multiple zippers, pockets with laptop compartment, large capacity, USB port, durable fabric.

Available at: Boutique ETCT, Daraz

Golden Wolf GB00464

Price: Tk. 3,500/-

Features: lightweight polyester material, anti-theft, waterproof, additional shoe compartment, USB port

Available at: Boutique ETCT, Daraz


When choosing a backpacking tent, you should keep four things in mind: capacity, tent weight, interior, and season. Buy tents based on the number of people likely to sleep inside, with comfortable interiors that allow for easy moving and set up. Make sure the tent is not too heavy. Our recommendations :

MH100 camping tent

Price: Tk. 4,000/-

Support: 3 people

Features: waterproof material, heat and UV resistant, eco-friendly, windproof, easy transportation and installation.

Available at: Decathlon BD

Automatic pop up tent

Price: Tk. 5,000 – 7,000/-

Capacity: 3 to 4 people

Features: waterproof, foldable, automatic configuration, strong UVA and UVB protection

Available at: Daraz Shopping Center


Proper hiking shoes should be sturdy with thick, sturdy soles. They should also be made of a durable material that provides ample ankle support. Our recommendation:

Men’s NH100 Mid-Ankle Hiking Boots

Price: Tk. 2,000-3,000

Features: TPR sole, impact protection, light weight, tight grip, sufficient traction and flexibility

Available at: Decathlon BD, Smart pick BD, Diamu BD

Bottle of water

Any amount of trekking will require proper hydration. That’s why we have to keep water bottles with us at all times. An ideal water bottle is made of food grade material that is shatterproof and leak proof. Our recommendation:

Quechua aluminum 100 0.75L

Price: Tk. 999/-

Characteristics: insulated material, easy to open and close, food grade

Available at: Decathlon BD

Sun glasses

As you have to be outside for a long time, sunglasses are essential on sunny days. An ideal pair of sunglasses should not only provide sufficient visibility, but also UV protection. Our recommendation:

MH530 adult hiking sunglasses – Category 3

Price: Tk. 1,399/-

Characteristics: lightness, 100% UV filter, robustness, flexibility

Available at: Decathlon BD

Connected watches

People who love hiking should get watches that offer reliable GPS support and top-notch navigation features. They should also opt for a watch with long battery life and water resistance. Our recommendations :

Amazefit Bip S

Price: Tk. 5,000/-

Features: Water and dirt resistant, high accuracy, 15 day battery backup for typical use

Available at: Boutique Z BD

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Price: Tk. 11,700/-

Features: High-precision global satellite navigation systems, water resistance, weather tracker, compass, barometric altimeter, 100 different sport modes, 18-day battery backup

Available at: Star Tech BD, Techland BD

Feature phones

Cell phones are durable, less complex and less expensive than smartphones, making them the perfect travel companions. They give you long battery backup, rugged exterior, high speed, and plenty of storage, enough to get you through a long trip. Our recommendation:

Nokia 150 DS 2020

Price: Tk. 3,100/-

Features: Rugged Exterior, Dual SIM, Memory Card Slot, 4G Compatible, Backup Battery: Standby – 560 Hours, Talk Time – 19 Hours, Camera, FM Radio.

Available at: Daraz Shopping Center

Power banks

A power bank is a small, portable charging device for your smartphone, tablets, speakers, and even laptops. It is crucial to take power banks with you on a trip, especially long outdoor trips like hiking. Your desired power banks should be lightweight and able to charge all your electronics at least a few times. Our recommendation:

External battery Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 mAh PD

Price: Tk. 2,390/-

Features: Ultra slim design, triple charging mode, quick charge, trickle charge mode for low power consumption devices.

Available at: Boutique Z BD


Mountains can be unpredictable. Walkie-talkies are useful for keeping in touch with all the teammates on your trip, making sure no one gets lost in the mountains. Depending on the model, the communication range of your walkie-talkie can vary from hundreds of meters to a few kilometers in distance.

It is essential to ensure that the radio signal is not blocked by mountains. Therefore, strong, durable, waterproof, long-range two-way radios are needed. In Bangladesh, you will need a license issued by the BTRC for personal use of walkie-talkies. Our recommendation:

Aircom AC-990 Rugged Walkie Talkie

Price: Tk. 17,000/-

Features: 16 memory channels, uses CDMA and GSM for voice and information transfer, encrypted digital communication, high quality two-way radio battery.

Available for pre-order on: Olefins Shop BD


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