Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses


“You have to trust the information to make the right choice,” Chumbley said, pointing out that architects and golf course superintendents often try to create visual confusion with blurry transitions, false facades and the like. techniques.

So what does a golf course look like through the PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Golf Dark lenses?

First of all, as all golfers know, golf is played in a predominantly green landscape. Lenses work primarily to reduce dominant green tones and amplify colors adjacent to green. Among other effects, this amplifies the white of the golf ball, allowing golfers to better follow it against the background of the course and the sky.

In contrast, a traditional lens is very flat with no amplified colors and little color separation. By creating peaks and valleys across the spectrum and color separation, PRIZM Golf lenses are able to provide more beneficial information to the eyes of golfers.

PRIZM Golf vs PRIZM Golf Dark: What’s different between the two?

To take it a step further, Oakley has two golf-specific lenses. PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Golf Dark. The company has found that the Dark Golf lens, which features a more balanced, less contrasting view, is more appetizing for the weekend warrior.

Interestingly, the pros, perhaps due to their already high visual acuity on the course, prefer the standard PRIZM Golf lens with its more pronounced color amplification and higher contrast.

Additionally, Oakley says that PRIZM Golf is ideal for low to medium light with a 30% VLT and has a lighter shade, and PRIZM Dark Golf will excel in bright, sunny conditions and has a darker shade with VLT 22.

Both lenses feature Plutonite lens material, which blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays up to 400nm.


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