Oakley’s upgraded Sub-Zero sunglasses are a blast from the past


It’s easy to see why Oakley has been a giant in the sunglasses market for so long. Not only do its lenses give off an undeniable “cool factor,” but its sleek designs and durability make it a must-have for UV protection. The next chapter for the brand is to dust off one of its most iconic models from the past, the Sub-Zero, and give it a modern upgrade inspired by the future.

The redesign is part of Oakley’s MUZM campaign, an initiative that updates older styles with new technology and a contemporary vibe. Originally released in 1992 and a fan favorite throughout the decade, the Sub-Zero was one of the first from the brand to feature ultralight frames and oversized lenses.

A pleasure for the eyes – These aren’t your medium, thin, and delicate specs either. They are more like a cross between a Céline or Chanel model and ski goggles due to the wide temples and the inward facing shape. Oakley revives the silhouette with three distinct color options – Road Matte, Sapphire and Black Matte – to deliver a trio of head-turning options this summer.

While the 2022 upgrade looks pretty close to its 30-year-old predecessor, a few of the technical components reflect breakthroughs in the direction of innovation. The lenses feature Prizm technology, Oakley’s solution for light-blocking lenses that prevent others from seeing your eyes. Prizm allows specs to boost certain wavelengths of color vision, ideal for wearing during performance-based activities such as baseball or golf. The nose pads and earmuffs — the most critical components of a pair’s comfort, let’s face it — feature Unobtainium, Oakley’s patented material that keeps the glasses from slipping when you sweat a little.

The new Sub-Zero may look big and heavy, but Oakley has made sure the glasses weigh next to nothing. To test and attest to the charm of Sub-Zero, the brand called on professional skateboarder and Olympic veterinarian Aori Nishimura. Although born years after the original release of Sub-Zero, it’s clear that lens nostalgia spares no one.

Oakley’s Sub-Zero is available for $268 on the brand’s website. And you don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of redesigned lenses; they’re stylish enough to fit any moment of your main character.


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