Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer smart sunglasses review: stylish snappers


7NEWS is testing Ray-Ban x Facebook Stories smart sunglasses. Ray-Ban provided us with a loaner device for testing, however, this did not affect our opinion of the product.

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How can I get it and how much does it cost?

The Ray-Ban Stories are now available in Australia for $ 449 with eight colors to choose from from the Wayfarer range.

You can get a pair from OPSM, Sunglass Hut or directly from Ray-Ban Australia.

Who is it good for?

Logos: Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer.

There is a certain type of appeal to Ray-Ban’s first attempt at smart glasses… that aren’t as smart as others we’ve seen. But these are the most stylish that I have seen so far.

You’ll get a good pair of sunglasses, alongside a camera, Facebook voice assistant, and a pretty impressive set of stereo speakers baked right into the arm of the Wayfarers.

If you like having the latest tech gadgets and don’t mind feeling a bit like a creeper with the front camera lenses, then you’ll love what Ray-Ban has achieved here.

How it works?

Logos: Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer.

First of all, Ray-Ban Stories is a great pair of sunglasses and matches your typical Ray-Ban style. As mentioned earlier in this review, they look and feel like the iconic Wayfarers – except for the dual camera lenses on the front and thicker arms on the side.

Unlike most other smart glasses that are obnoxiously big on your face, Ray-Ban stories fit quite well. They are not at all uncomfortable to wear, thanks to their lightweight design. Another cool touch is that there are plenty of designs and colors to choose from. In our test we have the black Wayfarer versions. But there are eight colors in this series in total.

Stories come with a charging case that charges the sunglasses via the standard USB-C port and cable. I had no problem pairing the laptop with several popular smartphones from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Pixel 6 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, you need a Facebook account, as the configuration is done via the “Facebook View” application.

Logos: Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer.

I was a little worried about using the Wayfarers with the two camera lenses on the front. But most people don’t even notice it until they take a really close look. However, when you are filming something, a little red indicator will appear on the front that will grab attention.

The sunglasses connect via Bluetooth and photos and videos are available through the “Facebook View” app and can be shared directly on Meta’s social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from photos and videos, what surprised me was the quality of the audio when streaming music or playing videos. But beware, other people can still hear what you listen to near the glasses, as the sound passes through tiny speakers in the frame – next to your ears.

You can even make and receive calls using the glasses, however, during testing I was told that at times it was difficult to hear me because the microphones weren’t exactly near my mouth. Saying that, there is an onboard noise canceling feature that works pretty well.

As for taking photos and videos, it’s pretty easy to do using your voice through Facebook’s assistant or there’s a physical shutter button at the top of the frame. One click will start a 30 second video, while holding it down you will take a photo.

I took Ray-Ban Stories on a trip to the Sydney Zoo to see how the photos stack up from the sunglasses.

Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.
Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.
Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.
Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.
Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.
Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.
Logos: Ray-Ban Stories sample photo.

What we think

Ray-Ban Stories are interesting and allow you to capture the moments around you very quickly. I was also impressed with the sound quality while listening to my favorite tunes, watching videos and talking on the phone.

While they don’t have screens inside the bezels themselves like some of the others on the market, they do maintain a sleek look that is hard to beat.

There is also the creep factor which might deter some people due to the fact that the camera lenses are pretty obvious. This can lead to rather confused looks from others.

But I liked the design and how they stay true to the iconic Ray-Ban look and feel. The only decision you have to make is whether or not taking videos and photos of your face is right for you, and whether you want to ditch your headphones for an all-in-one.


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