Request private loans to finance themselves as writers


There are many reasons to request a loan. One of the reasons may be to undertake any type of business, so if you are a writer, have written a book and want to market it, do not publish it in an editorial and you do not have the resources to endow the book with a edition and professional services, as well as to launch it properly to the market in what concerns the marketing of the same, in the loans of the private lenders can find the solution.

Currently, it is not like it used to be, and anyone can publish any book. The self-editing platforms make it much easier and today more than ever publishing it is easier than ever, but one thing is to publish it and another to market it.

If you simply want to publish a book that you have written, post it on the Internet and try your luck to sell some, it is absurd that you request financing for it. You can write it and publish it on any self-publishing platform for free and that’s it, but if you really want to market it and have a chance to make a lot of money with your book, you should focus it and treat it differently.
If you really want to launch your book as a professional writer and market it properly you should launch it as if it were a business product, a business on an important scale, because it really is what it is, and this requires an investment, an important investment.

Private lenders to cover all costs

Writing a book can be easy and publishing it too, but putting it in the online and physical stores in an appropriate way no longer so much. First of all, an adequate edition of the book is required, the book can be well written, but it also has to have good finishes. The cost of editing, layout and much more, if you want to be professional, is important.

If you self-edit the book and do it in a professional manner you must carry out all the phases of its marketing, also the promotion and distribution of it. Thus, for example, ordering the publicity required to make it known, designing and executing the promotional actions it deems appropriate, and the most expensive part, printing the copies so that they can be distributed correctly and not running out of stock will run from their account.

In relation to the printing and distribution of your books, obviously, you can sell them only online and have no physical format, but you will lose a sales channel, the physical one that still supports a large percentage of the sale of books and so on. You will also have to develop everything related to book marketing.

And, obviously, if you want you can also print the books on request and not have stock, but then you can not put them on sale physically in places where you can sell them, such as fairs, etc., or stock the bookstores with which you can get to agreements to sell their books. To cover all of the above, private lenders can grant you all the financing you need. It can be highly recommended that you make a generous budget of your needs (better than you have plenty of resources and not all of them to be short of funds) and request it, in a short time you can market your book as the best professional.


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