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At this point in the spring 2022 season, it’s safe to say that the street-style stars are completely out of hibernation. In fact, they make sidewalks almost as eye-catching as catwalks, which turn out to be just as starred in Paris as they were in London, Milan and New York. On the third day of Fashion Month’s final stretch, things got dramatically Gothic thanks to Rick Owens. The sun was above the designer’s usual spot, outside the Palais de Tokyo on the banks of the Seine, but the assembled audience was largely a sea of ​​black. Check out the most wizarding of their looks and check out this space for more of the top styles in the run-up to Tuesday’s grand finale.

As usual, Rick Owens showed up in front of the Palais de Tokyo, offering everyone the opportunity to show off their set of sunglasses.

Between the prescription glasses and the middle part, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this viewer for Carine Roitfeld (before spotting the neck tattoo).

A moment from the 70s makes for a brief start in Gothic programming.

The harness trend continues to prevail.

A patchwork moment on the banks of the Seine.

This is what we call a statement pocket.

And a statement shoulder.

An accessory to store more accessories on the go.

Michèle Lamy would undoubtedly approve this copper down jacket.

An expert showcase of Owens’ neutral side.

Ready for fall in a sleeveless cardigan.

… and white sunglasses over there.

The summer knit trend is ready for a fall transition.

A touch of personality to your standard small bag in the shape of a scarf.

Who needs pants when you have Rick Owens over the knee boots?


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