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Unless you have access to an indoor tennis court, you probably know how difficult it can be to play your best game on a sunny day. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in one of the best tennis sunglasses, which are designed to be durable and lightweight – and they stay put thanks to silicone grips or a twist. neck. Most importantly, they offer UV400 protection (i.e. they block 99-100% of UVA and UVB light), and are often fitted with polarized lenses that help minimize horizontal glare so you can see the ball clearly. And, as you’ll see from the array of styles, shapes and sizes below, it’s now easier than ever to find your aesthetic “match”.

Frames are typically made from TR90, a highly durable thermoplastic resin flexible, lightweight, durable and stress resistant – it’s the gold standard for sports sunglasses, and most of the choices below have it. When it comes to glasses, polycarbonate with polarized coating is definitely preferred for sports, as it is super impact resistant. Polycarbonate lenses tend to be expensive, however, you will also find several TAC (cellulose triacetate) sunglasses below. It is a less expensive option, although it is inherently polarized to reduce glare from the sun – a particular advantage if you play on hard ground.

From slim sunglasses to a trendy set of aviators, scroll down to buy nine of the best tennis sunglasses on the market right now. Pair them with your must-have tennis skirt for a look you’ll also feel right at home off the court.


Fan favorite tennis sunglasses

Backed by over 10,600 perfect notes, these tennis sunglasses are particularly appreciated for their durability, thanks to their TR90 frames which are resistant to stress, light and flexible. Meanwhile, the lenses are a polarized TAC that resists scratches and shatters, and has a UV400 rating. A silicone grip covers the nose and arms to help them stay in place while you play, but they also come with an optional neck strap for added peace of mind. Additionally, this order comes with a hard case for secure storage.

Positive review: “Best sunglasses for tennis!” I bought them because I live in Florida and play tennis, garden, and bike. I still need a pair because they break. So far they haven’t broken and they adapt very well. The visual clarity is amazing, the best glasses I have ever owned.


The best high-end tennis sunglasses

If you want the best tennis sunglasses on the market, think this pair of oakley, a brand specializing in sports sunglasses – in fact, reviewers report wearing these cult favorites for all kinds of physical activity, including running and swimming. The glasses are made from the brand Plutonite material, a lightweight polycarbonate designed to provide high definition optics and block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, although this pair does not have a polarized coating. The lenses are interchangeable, however, if you want to pick up spare parts or replace them with a different color. Likewise, the frames are made from Oakley’s iconic thermoplastic which is molded to be durable, stress-resistant, and so lightweight you’ll barely know they’re in place. In addition, they are equipped with handles at the nose and ears for more stability.

Positive review: “It doesn’t fog up when you sweat and it’s nice. I used it to play tennis and it was good. the sun was right in my eyes and I could play! very comfortable, does not move and covers the eye area very well.


A chic pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses from a classic sports brand

Avid tennis players (and other athletes) often look to Bollé for high-quality sunglasses designed specifically for their sport. This pair is a particularly elegant option, thanks to the amber lenses and the sophisticated tortoise shell frame. From a functional point of view, this pair has polarized polycarbonate lenses treated with an anti-reflective and anti-fog coating; 100% protection against UV rays; and sweat-resistant nose pads and temple tips. The frame is a blend of nylon and resin, so it’s both incredibly light and shatterproof.

Positive review: “I love these glasses. I needed some that I could wear to play tennis and these are perfect. I also wanted smaller ones and these fit wonderfully and curl up a bit on the sides. The bridge could be a little closer but they’re unisex and they still don’t move, even sweaty, so it’s okay. I love their lightness and the lenses are great for avoiding glare.


These affordable tennis sunglasses with cool and colorful lenses

If you are looking for tennis sunglasses that don’t to see like tennis sunglasses consider this popular pair. There are several stylish color options to choose from, including the graphic, ice blue and white colourway pictured above. But they are just as functional as they are stylish: TAC polarized lenses with UV400 protection reduce glare and have a scratch-resistant finish, while TR90 frames are touted as “shatterproof”, ultra-light and flexible. Finally, silicone grips at the arms and nose provide security (and another pop of color).

Positive review: “I wanted a pair of polarized sunglasses with rubber tips that I could wear for walking and playing tennis. I didn’t want to spend $ 200 on sports glasses and I’m so happy! They are extremely light, do not leave red marks in my nose and do not slip when I sweat. I bought the blues and they are really cute.


These popular wrap-around sunglasses with an adjustable nose grip

The adjustable nose grips make these tennis sunglasses a great option if you’re struggling to find properly fitting glasses. This pair also benefits from UV400 TAC polarized wrap-around lenses that are coated with a mirror flash for extra protection (and they even block out blue light). The frames are made from durable TR90 and are ventilated at the arms to reduce slippery sweat behind your ears. With over 7,500 five-star ratings, this is another very popular and affordable choice.

Positive review: “The glasses fit me very well and I wear them to play tennis and have had no problem with them moving on me. This despite the fact that I tend to sweat a lot. Wrap-around lenses are great and so much better for having that extra peripheral vision support. I would even buy them back for double the price I paid.


The best tennis sunglasses for little faces

With a slim and enveloping design, these tennis sunglasses were rated a “great buy” by critics with smaller faces. The narrow frame is TR90 with non-slip silicone grips, while the lenses are shatterproof and scratch resistant polycarbonate which provides 100% UV protection. While these lenses are more durable than those made from TAC, you should keep in mind that they are not polarized, so you may experience horizontal glare while playing.

Positive review: “I love these sunglasses because they fit my little head well. I then use them every day and even play tennis regularly. They are small enough that they won’t fog up from the sweat when I play. I lost my first two pairs and bought a third because I love them so much.


These shield shaped blinds with a removable strap

Those sports sunglasses have a wrap-around shield-like design to completely shield your eyes from the sun, while UV400 TAC lenses prevent annoying glare. The frameless bottom half adds to the barely there feel (although the frames are made from TR90, which is notoriously lightweight). Their silicone handles at the nose and arms keep them in place, but the included (removable) strap provides additional security. In addition, the cool and colorful gradient lens the design takes them up a notch compared to a base pair.

Positive review: “I bought them to run and love them. They are light and comfortable and do not fog up. Not to mention the great design! I also really like that you have a hard case, bag and microfiber cloth and a shoulder strap. Excellent product for a good price.


A stylish pair of aviators you can wear on and off the field

If you are looking for an everyday pair of sunglasses that can double as sports sunglasses, these aviators are a great choice. They feature UV400 polycarbonate polarized lenses for added durability, while silicone nose pads keep them in place if you’re running on the court. That being said, the frames are made from plastic and metal, so they’re a bit less durable than an option designed specifically for track and field.

Positive review: “I mainly had these sunglasses to wear and play with on a tennis court. I had several sports pairs before this pair and I didn’t like wearing them because I could feel them while playing. This one however is amazing – I hardly feel anything playing a competitive match and 2 hours later it still hasn’t slipped out of my nose! Plus they look so trendy my friends all said I look great and can use them for driving / going out. I just placed an order for another!


A pair of retro-inspired sunglasses ideal for outdoor training

For another everyday pair that will suffice when training outdoors (including tennis), you can’t go wrong with these retro inspired sunglasses. The round lenses are made of a polarized and shatterproof composite material with UV400 protection, and the frames are a mixture of metal and lightweight TR90. So while they may not be the first choice for your athletic endeavors, they will certainly work in a pinch. And with an average of 4.7 stars out of over 36,000 ratings, they’re a big fan favorite.

Positive review: “I use them when I run outside because I wanted a cheap pair of sunglasses that I wouldn’t mind getting scratched or losing if it happened. I love them! In fact, I wear them a lot more often than for running because they are so comfortable and work great!


Also nice: this pretty breathable bamboo tennis visor

Whether you wear it with or without sunglasses, this tennis visor is a cute (and functional) topper for your tennis look. The adjustable band is designed to fit a range of head sizes and stays in place as you move, and the bamboo construction is lightweight and breathable. The sweatband is also lined with microfiber material to wick away sweat, and the visor is flexible, so you can easily adjust the curve to suit your preference. Choose from five colors, including black, slate gray, pastels, and classic white pictured above.


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