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COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – With the official start of the holiday shopping season, it’s time to start thinking about some cool gift ideas for everyone, arguably one of the most stressful parts of the entire celebration. of Christmas.

Full disclosure, I get sent all kinds of products to try, in the hopes that they measure up. Most products are part of the American Dream – you know an inventor with a brilliant idea or a problem to solve, after all, “necessity is the mother of invention. To that end, I give every article a fair test drive, whether or not I can use it personally, to make sure they live up to the hype.

All of the products and gift ideas below have worked as advertised, and frankly, pretty neat… many of them are available on Amazon or other places for on-time Christmas delivery.

Let there be light

First, we are talking light. We’ve all seen the ads for super bright lights, and they caught my eye. I did some research and found a set on Amazon, and even without a “brand name” it had solid reviews and was priced right so I thought, “what the hell is that?” ‘is “and they did not disappoint. I hung them in my garage, and sure enough shiny like Fenway. Check out the link HERE.

Textiles set

Then it’s all about comfort, right? Together Textiles sent sustainable loungewear, you know, to relax. The company was formed by a team of husband and wife, who took a giant leap from a full-time job overseas to establishing a business that manufactures products with the ‘old-fashioned’ Textile Handicrafts of Turkey ”in Columbus, Ohio.

According to website, designers Guven and Allie design the dresses in Ohio and then are handcrafted on looms located in a small mountain village in Turkey. They use sustainable products, non-toxic dyes and natural fibers. textile set

They chose to send me a dress for me to try on, so it would be rude if I didn’t put it on at least in the wee hours of the morning to put on the show, right? Fair enough… I really liked the feel of the hand-woven cotton, and my favorite part was the hood!

You can find out more about Together Textiles HERE.

FresheTech Bluetooth speaker

I came across this little speaker, and although it’s a small, lightweight speaker, it sounds pretty good. It has several options to secure and take your music on the go. On the top there is a clip to attach to a carabiner, backpack strap or other place. It has a suction cup on the back, so place it outside of a refrigerator, boat or jet ski, or even a shower. (Yes, it’s also fully waterproof.)

The connection was very simple and as I mentioned I was happy with the sound especially if you are looking for a small personal speaker for your hike, bike or camping. You can read more about it and see if it would work for you. HERE.



The following article has not only been viewed, but funded on Shark aquarium, probably because of the need they satisfy. We’ve all known a soggy sandwich, and it’s no fun. You carefully pack a cooler with ice, your favorite drinks, and of course, keep your lunch cool on a hot day. The problem, of course, is that when the ice cream melts it tends to soak up your favorite BLT and you end up with a nasty scoop of dough, lettuce, and tomato.

Sub-secure Being an avid boater and charter captain myself, I fed more fish than I can think of, tasty treats that were either mine or worse, my guests. When I spoke to the inventor of Sub-Secure, I was impressed with the simplicity, as I guess sharks were, and yet how well he claimed it worked. The version I tested was the three sandwich container. The SubSafe is BPA free and, according to their website, is made from the same material as a baby bottle, so it’s waterproof and floats. I’m a little skeptical, so when I put it to the test I chose a simple piece of bread, rather than a pile of turkey… I mean, have you seen the food prices ?! ?

The Sub-Secure executed exactly as claimed, it floated, kept everything dry. PRO TIP: Don’t be fooled by the name – you can store almost anything in this thing… keys, wallet, documents, etc. of course, swag. You can find out more HERE. Discover the time of the Shark Tank HERE.

The boat gadget

While the SubSafe and most of the products above can be used almost anywhere, on or off the water, this next one is directly aimed at boating… after all, it’s in the name of Boat Gadget. When I heard about this little guy I was very interested, like in a kitchen there is always a need, and rarely the right tool to do the job in the hand. The Boat Gadget was introduced to me as 10 navigation tools in one including Canvas Bottle Opener, Wine Opener, Fishing Line Cutter, Bottle Opener, Gasoline Cork Opener, wrench for drain plug and even a whistle… Remember that most states require more than one sound producing device on a boat.

Boat gadget

What I liked about the Boat Gadget is that I need several of these tools on every trip, so having an all-in-one tool made a lot of sense. Of course, I put mine to the test, making sure it at least matched my various needs, and found use for at least nine of the ten, because I only have a single cap of gasoline. I found it to be pretty sturdy, and it was a really handy little thing to have. In fact, since I first tried it, it has continued to be an asset on Manifest Destiny. I even liked the rack that can be attached directly to your storage, or any other convenient spot, so you don’t have to dig into a tackle box or drawer. You can find out more HERE.

Rheos nautical glasses

One of the things that makes me appreciate a well-thought-out product is that it’s not only cool, but actually solves a problem. In this case, I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I lost in the water … it’s an old story – You have your specs on the front of your shirt, and you bend down to tie a line, or to help a friend back on the boat, and plop! Your glasses are filled with water, and as if there are bricks on them, they’re on their way to Davy Jones’ locker before you can say “shiver me wood.”

Rheoes sunglasses were created in Charleston, South Carolina, to solve this problem. Founded in 2016, in the holy city, the goal of the husband and wife design team was to create stunning polarized sunglasses that would not stay at the bottom of the port. I was curious about the name and found out that according to their website Rheos means Greek for river current, and notice that a river is constantly flowing, changing and making its own way.Rheos sunglasses

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Okay sure, they look cool and have a well thought out name, but do they live up to their claim? I opted for a more controlled test near the shore, rather than in the middle of Murray Lake. I waded through my ankles and gently put my pair in the water, and sure enough I sat right on top, floating with the running. (See how I circled that there?) Overall, I enjoyed grabbing bumpers and tying lines without the stress of thinking about a big catfish carrying my eyeglasses.

You can read more about Rheos HERE.

No monetary compensation has been offered, requested or received for the presentation of these products. Each review is individually based solely on the product up to the claims of the manufacturer and / or founder.


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