The future is now with full-length sunglasses


PK Sanjun in the 23rd century.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re already 20 years into the 21st century. It seems like just yesterday we were all panicking about every computer in the world going down on December 31, 1999 at midnight and launching all the nuclear warheads at the same time. We also wonder what kind of pandemonium will take hold of the world in 2099.

If we’re still alive, then. For example, our reporter PK Sanjun would have to live to the age of 123 to reach the 22nd century, and even though he’s in pretty good shape, it’s still a tall order. So he said to himself why wait for the turn of the century to come to him, when he can do it today!

All it took was an order from Amazon for the Face Shield sunglasses. There were actually a lot of different models for sale, but PK decided to splurge on one of the higher end ones. at 1,579 yen (US $ 14).

In addition to propelling him into the 22nd – not the 23rd – century, this fashion statement also solves a practical problem for PK. He tended to have a hard time wearing sunglasses and face masks at the same time, but what if the sunglasses were the face mask?

Well you will get this …

After putting on his chic new Cobra Commander accessory, PK was surprised by the comfort. It looks a lot like a regular pair of sunglasses, with a part that rests on the bridge of the nose, and for the most part our reporter forgot he was wearing it.

Of course, the same could not be said of those on the other side.

It was a little stuffy, but not much more than wearing a regular face mask. Since it was a strong material, it seemed to provide a better barrier to aerosol droplets for both himself and others. He couldn’t say it was safer with scientific certainty, but at least it was.

One thing he could be sure of, however, was that it was hard not to feel really visible when wearing full-length sunglasses in public. It seemed that the chances of PK and his walking partner Seiji Nakazawa being mistaken for intergalactic bounty hunters and randomly attacked by brave but misguided strangers had increased dramatically.

?? Music makes me feel so free ??

?? We will celebrate ??

?? Celebrate and dance so freely ??

?? One more ♪ times ??

However, looking odd is a risk any cutting-edge fashionista must take, so our boys took it all without hesitation. Another advantage is that these screens cut UV rays, keeping their face young… or as young as it started out.

It might take a few hundred years for this style to take off, so there’s still plenty of time to get into the ground floor of this edgy look. All it takes is a small purchase and a complete lack of self-awareness.

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