Viral Johnny Depp lookalike spotted in Iran is a professional model


An Iranian man has gone viral in his home country after people noticed he bears a striking resemblance to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

Western social media users also began to take notice, commenting on the man, who was referred to by local news sources as Amin Sa’les.

Photos of Sa’les were taken at a religious ceremony in Tehran and video footage of the Depp lookalike has gone viral on TikTok.

Sa’les was photographed and identified taking part in an Islamic mourning ceremony in Tehran, but is actually a local model from the northwest city of Tabriz.

As is customary for Depp now, Sa’les can be seen sporting a goatee and sunglasses, while his hair is also styled similarly to the star. Thousands of people have commented on the resemblance with people saying things like “Johnny Depp is Shia too” and “Johnny, what are you doing here?”

Over 2 million people have seen the original post on TikTok which appears to be from @de.charlie’s account.

Iranian model Amin Sa’les, main images, has gone viral for his extreme resemblance to Johnny Depp, inset.
@Kavi_pic/Neil Mockford/TikTok/Instagram/GC Images

The post was reposted on the internet with people commenting on Sa’les on Reddit, TikTok and Twitter.

“Iran has its own Johnny Depp,” wrote journalist Mike Elgan, highlighting an Iranian report featuring Sa’les.

An Instagram account apparently belonging to Sa’les, @dr.aminsales, was filled with comments from people talking about his appearance. This improved his follower count, pushing it past 10,000 later on Tuesday.

The other posts on the page appear to feature Sa’les in various photoshoots, where he once again channels his inner Depp.

Depp doppelgängers aren’t a new phenomenon, as the internet is filled with people all over the world who are doppelgängers for the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

In June, another Depp lookalike in Stockholm went viral with 2.3 million views on TikTok. He was filmed taking part in a public dance with fans rushing to debunk rumors that the man was actually Depp.

Depp has made headlines for reasons other than his gambling in recent years after he was embroiled in a public defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp won the case after her team said a 2018 op-ed she wrote claiming she was the survivor of domestic violence was damaging to her career.


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