What 12 Londoners wore to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II


Faran Krentcil

More than 2,000 people, including President Joe Biden and Dr Jill Biden, attended Queen Elizabeth II’s official funeral in London this morning. But tens of thousands more paid their respects to the 96-year-old British monarch in Hyde Park, where the funeral was broadcast on jumbotrons across the sprawling parade ground. Here’s what 12 London mourners wore to say goodbye to the Queen.

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Molly McGarity, Business Development Manager (with Oliver)

“As Australians, it’s a really new experience for us. I didn’t grow up with a monarch, but I appreciate how much she meant to people, and I felt it was important to show respect not only to the queen, but to the people who mourn her. But walking to the service with a stroller, you know, you have to be practical! So I have boots instead of heels.

Dress and coat: Kookai. Boots: Tony Bianco. Gloves: Country Road Australia. Glasses: Versace. Baby: Belonging to the model.


Melissa Williams, actress

“I waited in The Queue for 9 hours. I’m so glad I did. It was so emotional and then worth it. It was truly amazing to feel so close to the Queen and the hearts of the whole country. For me, it’s really sad that she died. But I didn’t have all black, so almost everything I wear is men’s clothes that I took from my boyfriend.”

Leather jacket: Sandro. Top and sweatpants: X-Lite Mens. Sneakers: running.


Shurooq Abuelnaas, singer

“I’m from Sudan and I can’t tell you how much I love the Queen and what she did for me and my family. I’m really very sad that she passed away because she accepted us in her country We really loved and respect her, and we wish her peace and rest.”

Coat: Guess. Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani. Handbag: Michael Kors.


Shurooq Abuelnaas, singer

“The sign is in Arabic, and it has special condolences from my family. It says, ‘Saying goodbye to the Queen of Humanity, Queen Elizabeth II, we are so sad to lose you. And it lists members of my family who were able to come to England thanks to the Queen, including my cousin, who is a teacher, and my father, who is a doctor who went to Oxford. My sister got her doctorate yesterday, and she also wants to thank the Queen. In Sudan, it’s harder to get an education, and the queen let my family come and do that here. She is very, very special to us.

“Grief is the price we pay for love,” the Queen said after the September 11 attacks. Designer Erdem Moralioglu borrowed this quote for his Spring 2023 runway notes and sent Nottingham native Hannah Motler down the catwalk in a black dress and veil to mark the occasion. “It is an extremely sad time in London – Her Majesty The Queen has been an inspiration and I greatly admire her sense of duty and service.”

Dress and veil: Erdem

“I am a very good dog.”

Handkerchief: Jubilee Hearts by Coast & Country. Flag: The British Commonwealth.


Rita Estephan, Architect

“My whole wardrobe is black, but today I said, ‘I can not wear all black!’… Why? Good. Many people cheered [in Hyde Park] when they took away his body. There was applause at the funeral. So maybe it was a celebration of his life.”

Coat: Terminal D. Bag: DKNY. John: Shein. Trainers: Converse.


Nadine Mangabu Luabeya, National Deputy, Democratic Republic of Congo

“We came from the Democratic Republic of Congo – the DRC – with the president of our National Assembly [Christophe Mboso N’Kodia Pwanga]. We are here to pay our respects and also to show our support to the people… And we are surrounded by so many people who came to this park to attend the funeral. It’s clear there’s a lot of love.”

Coat: Ted Baker. Handbag: Saint Laurent. Shoes and earrings: Tory Burch.


Julia Batista, medical assistant

“I’m from Long Island, but I came to visit my friend Ali, who lives here. We actually met online, through a guy we used to hang out with. From obviously friendship was the best thing that came out of it!” she suggested. we attend the public ceremony, and so we dressed for it. I love dressing up, and it was so historic that I really wanted to remember it… I guess “funeral chic” is what we were going for.

Coat: Cole Haan. Dress: American Apparel. Boots: Doc Martens.


Albert Saxon, electrician and Maria Cowle, housekeeper

Maria: It’s the end of an era, and we want to show her the respect she really deserves. She has done a lot for our country and it’s very sad, isn’t it? Imagine being a royal and you can’t do whatever you want, you’re stuck with all that duty. She became queen at a very young age, through many unexpected events, and she rose to the occasion with such dignity. She so deserves our respect.

Albert: She did what she said she would do; she served her country. There are always people who don’t agree with politics, but she gave her whole life for us, didn’t she? We all grew up with it. Other people have come and gone, but we still got it. It is extremely important to be here.

Suit: Vintage. Dress and coat: Amazon. Thor’s Amulet Necklace: The British Museum.


Sue Greer, insurance agent

“I’m actually American, from Seattle. We’re always here for the Goodwood Festival, which is a motor show. But I couldn’t not come to the public ceremony, because it’s so historic and it’s is important to me that we pay respect… I had to wear Hermès. It was one of Her Majesty’s favourites.”

Coat: Gabriella Rose. Scarf: Louis Vuitton. Handbag: Goyard. Sneakers: Hermes.

“It’s such an occasion. I had to dress the part, and I really admire the way the Queen adopted very bright matching costumes. The neon green she wore to her jubilee was amazing. I really appreciate her style. I wanted to wear a bit of blue, because I know it’s a color she really liked to wear, and also to be part of this ‘sea of ​​black’ in Hyde Park. It’s very respectful and really cool to see. Though it’s all more surreal than sad.”

Coat: Urban Outfitters. Turtleneck: ASOS. Skirt: Vintage. Boots: Doc Martens.

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