What interest do lenders have on loans?


The private loan is the option of many private equity clients and the reason is because it is very difficult to obtain a loan in any bank, since the crisis has caused the loan to close, in addition to the conditions required by banks. Banks when granting their loans are very hard and prevent many of their customers from getting it. To do this, you have to look for another source and in this case private capital is the best option, lenders can provide money and many of your customers ask questions about the terms and interests of the lenders’ loans.

We are going to propose the example of our company and for it we inform that the interests that of the credits of our lenders are between 12% and 15% of annual interest. But we must speak of another advantage of our private equity loans, to obtain money we only ask for a guarantee as an indispensable requirement, this can be real estate or any other kind and this implies that the client can propose all kinds of guarantees from a car, floors, art collections, etc. any property is used to obtain the loan and the only exception is jewelry. Our company grants up to 20% or even 25% of the value of the guarantee, we must say that this amount is closely related to the quality of the guarantees and therefore we recommend that customers present guarantees that the highest possible quality.

In the case of real estate type guarantees, an indispensable condition must be met, these guarantees must be totally free of charges and mortgages and the floors, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. We do not accept lots, land or plots. Our private capital loans have other advantages, the most important of which is the speed with which transactions are processed, so that our users can wait quietly and in less than 72 hours get the money they have asked for and this will always be the case If the necessary documents have arrived at our offices, this should be noted that we do not ask for as many papers or documentation as banks do and for that reason the time to obtain the credit is smaller.

Our company is formed by a team of private and private lenders who are experts and have knowledge in real estate and financial issues, this means that they can deal with all kinds of aspects and will always try to do it so that the process for obtaining credit is more fast we can even take care of the official appraisal of the house and carry it out for an economic price for the client. We grant money from € 3000 and above and any person or company can benefit from these loans, regardless of whether they are on an asnef list, with outstanding debts; since that is not an inconvenience for us and thanks to the guarantee we can provide immediate liquidity to our users. Neither is it an impediment that the client is unemployed and does not receive monthly payroll, these are a series of very important advantages when it comes to obtaining money from the lenders


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