Where to Buy Glasses Online with Insurance, FSA and HSA Money in 2022


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Traditional optometrist offices and eyewear retailers tend to overcharge you or sell you their frames, but it’s easier to circumvent this tricky and painfully expensive process today. Grab your prescription and go to your laptop or phone instead. There are now many eyewear retailers online that can provide a seamless, convenient and affordable shopping experience.

As a glasses wearer, you probably often feel like you’re being punished for not having perfect vision, but these retailers let you enjoy your glasses shopping again. They offer a wide variety of frames, are able to adapt to all different types of lenses, and even offer a nice discount from time to time.

Other things to consider when buying glasses online are whether the retailer accepts insurance and FSA/HSA dollars, offers a virtual try-on option (and if not, if there is a policy generous return and exchange) and has kids styles if you want to shop for the whole family. All of the following places accept insurance or provide you with the information to help you get reimbursed. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and recommends style products.

Here are the 6 best places to buy glasses online with insurance in 2022:


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