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Georgia’s Satilla River might just be the hottest river in the country right now if you’re on the hunt for trophy-sized red sunfish. Known for their tough nature, especially in early summer, they grow like crazy in this isolated river system. Just days ago, Georgia’s record robin was broken when Lester Roberts caught a 1-pound, 12.32-ounce fish during a bass fishing tournament.

He was fishing with his buddy Whitey Hendrix and according to our friends at Georgia Outdoor News (for their full story click here), they were throwing laydowns with a crankbait Bandit and the eventual world record robin was smoking the crankbait. Having never seen a fish like this of this size, the anglers saved it and weighed it on a portable digital scale at the end of the tournament.

Later that afternoon they took the fish to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and got a certified weight on the fish.

Interestingly, Roberts is considering submitting an application to IGFA to seek world record status. The fish weighs around 103 kilograms more than the current world record, so it’s possible we’re looking at a legitimate new world record.


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